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About Frequentsee

Frequentsee Trust  was established in April 2011 and serves to demonstrate and raise up authentic prophetic ministry in the church. At the heart of the Frequentsee is a desire to see men and women mentored and released with a clear call to extend God’s Kingdom in every context of the world. Established by Julian Adams, a recognised prophetic voice to many churches internationally, Frequentsee, offers training, mentoring, prophetic consultation and opportunities for mission in developing world nations. The primary call of Frequentsee is to:

Equip churches to develop a kingdom culture, preparing the church for on-going revival.

Resource, raise up and release clear prophetic voices in this generation, with a call to mercy and justice, signs and wonders and a faithfulness to biblical authority.

Restore authentic prophetic ministry with integrity and servant leadership through ministry that passionately expresses the father heart of God

To serve in extending the goodness of God to the poor by partnering with various churches, organisations and works in developing nations.

Frequentsee Trust is an unincorporated charity (No: 1140697) registered in England and Wales with the Charity Commission under a deed of trust dated 12th February 2011. The Trustees are:


  • Roydon Loveley (Chair)
  • Philip Harverson
  • Simon Holley


The trust is submitted to the oversight and leadership of the King’s Arms Trust (Bedford) led by Simon Holley. Click here to read annual report 2011. For accountability and transparency, all of the workings of Frequentsee Trust (including financial and moral accountability), are relationally connected to those ministries and friends, who help in providing theological, personal and apostolic connectivity. In addition to the trustees, there are relational advisors.




Simon Holley

Simon has co-led the King’s Arms since 2002 and became lead elder in 2006. He is married to Caroline, and they have three children.Simon also supports and teaches at churches across the region. Simon is a trustee on Frequentsee Trust and has served Julian and the trust in a visionary capacity. Simon’s pioneering gift has helped shape some of the values and way the trust runs. In addition to that Simon and his family are good friends to Julian and help in relationally holding him accountable in his personal life. A valued pastor and friend to Julian. He is a vital part of what God is doing in Frequentsee Trust



Jeff Kidwell

Jeff & Viv Kidwell were married in 1971 in the small Eastern Cape town of Queenstown, South Africa. God called Jeff and Viv to Himself in 1974; they responded to His grace and committed their lives to Him. In 1993, God spoke to Jeff and Viv about planting a church in the Muizenberg area and again they responded to His Voice and planted The Bay Community Church. The first meeting was on the 10th October 1993, and what an adventure it has been and still is! Jeff and Viv have known Julian for over 10 years and have fathered Julian during his years as an elder at The Bay. Jeff serves as a father, advisor and friend both to Julian and Frequentsee Trust.


Roydon Loveley

Roydon is a church trustee who became an elder at the King’s Arms Church, Bedford in 2006. He is married to Jan and they have two children and five grandchildren. Roydon is also a trustee for Frequentsee Trust and has amazingly helped shape the administrative side to the trust. He also oversees the finances of Frequentsee Trust using the experience gained from many years of working in the aerospace industry.




Greg Downes

Director of the  Centre for Missional Leadership and Lecturer in Evangelism and Apologetics

MA (Oxon), BSc (Surrey), PGCE (Cantab), PGCT (Exon), DipMin (Oxon)

Greg is passionate about communicating the gospel in a way that is both compelling and culturally relevant. He is a frequent speaker at missions and conferences and it has been his privilege to minister in a wide variety of missional contexts (universities, schools, prisons and pubs etc) on five continents. He is the editor and a contributing author of More Ways Than One, a volume written by J John’s associate evangelists exploring a methodology for evangelism in the post-modern world. Greg is theologian-in-residence to Christianity Magazine as well as being on the leadership team of {Onel!fe}, an organisation committed to raising up transformational leaders among youth and is an associate of Global Leadership, New York. Greg serves as a friend and theological advisor to Frequentsee Trust