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Julian and Katia Adams

_51B9252 Having been married since August 2013, Julian and Katia have been serving in number of Churches, Business, Charities and other organisation to help discover God’s unique journey for people and organisations. Seeing God’s kingdom come in every aspect of life and releasing heaven is a core value for both of them. As Frequentsee Trust is expanding in influence and favour, Julian and Katia remain committed to seeing people walk into an on-going experience of fathers love and acceptance. It is the foundational message of their ministry.



Katia was born in the Middle East into a revival context and from a young age developed a passion to see the kingdom come in great power and demonstrations of God’s love. Having been involved in various ministries through both her medical and theological background, she is now serving God and his people full time alongside her husband Julian.


Julian is from Cape Town, South Africa. Julian grew up in a pioneering Christian family and was filled with the Spirit at 4, since then he has been passionate for the person of the Holy Spirit. He’s an experienced prophet, with a strong teaching gift and has a passion to see the whole church mobilised to bring the Kingdom of God onto the streets. Julian is also a director for NEWDAY United a charity based in South Africa and England which serves some of the poorest people in Southern Africa.

Julian and Katia reside in Durban, South Africa, where they serve as part of the Glenridge International Church. Good food, red wine and classic jazz vocals are what Julian loves to do for down time. All things creative, colourful and musical makes Katia come alive!


About Frequentsee

Frequentsee Ministry  was established in April 2011 and serves to demonstrate and raise up authentic prophetic ministry in the church. At the heart of Frequentsee is a desire to see men and women mentored and released with a clear call to extend God’s Kingdom in every context of the world.

Established by Julian Adams, a recognised prophetic voice to many churches internationally, Frequentsee, offers training, mentoring, prophetic consultation and opportunities for mission in developing world nations.

The primary call of Frequentsee is to:

  • Equip churches to develop a kingdom culture, preparing the church for on-going revival.
  • Resource, raise up and release clear prophetic voices in this generation, with a call to mercy and justice, signs and wonders and a faithfulness to biblical authority.
  • Restore authentic prophetic ministry with integrity and servant leadership through ministry that passionately expresses the father heart of God
  • To serve in extending the goodness of God to the poor by partnering with various churches, organisations and works in developing nations.

For accountability and transparency, all of the workings of Frequentsee Ministry (including financial and moral accountability), are relationally connected to various ministries and friends, who help in providing theological, personal and apostolic connectivity.