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Guest Blog: Dylan Long- Revivalist, Reformer and super nice guy!

I have know Dylan for a long time and recently connected with him at Bethel, where he has been interning with Ben Fitzgerald. I love Dylan! He is the real deal and when he told me about his move to Europe ( a part of the world close to my heart), I had to get […]


Commands, Rebukes & Life-giving Promises

  I realised something this week: the way I read my Bible & hear God’s voice has completely changed over the last few years. I noticed it as I was reading 1 Peter & came across this verse: ‘Be holy as I am holy’. Now, the way I used to read this & hear God’s […]


Words have power! Part 1

‘You reflect the reality you are most aware of’ Bill Johnson Jesus ministered out of being aware of the unseen reality of his fathers world. If we can understand and learn to be aware of the co-existing reality of heaven, we will be able to shift the atmospheres around us. What heaven looks like is […]

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