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Smells and Smiles

I am sitting here in Jean-Marc and Martine’s home overwhelmed by the shock that is downtown Tamatave. Smells that take your breath away, pot holes that make the grand canyon look flat, drivers that leave you having an improved prayer life. It is staggering and almost too much to take in. I was here in 2004 […]


Hearing aids no longer needed!

Just a little story for God’s Glory! On a trip to Durban, South Africa, this year I had the joy of praying for a 15 year old young man with hearing aids in both his ears. After a very short prayer, Jesus instantaneously healed him. After making sure with the audiologist, the before and after […]


Barrenness and Diabetes Healed

I was told at 15yrs old I’d never have kids due to very bad polycystic ovaries…3years ago with help from the Church I packed up and left my abusive husband of 4 years and had to thank God I couldn’t have children. However last year (yep during 40 of prayer and fasting days again) while […]


M.E. Gone

Healing at Prophetic Forum 2012 Julian had a word of knowledge about -‘sleeping prophets’, my gifting hasn’t been dormant so at the time I was surprised I felt my Spirit respond to the word, so I went forward. As I stood there God said to me “You’re going to enter a new realm in the […]


Now I am Walking!

During the 16 months or so since I gave my life to God, I have received promises of healing from Him and prophetic words which have encouraged me and kept me holding on to those promises. When Julian Adams came to TKC, I arrived at the Saturday morning session on my mobility scooter with nothing […]


Osteopath declares back perfect after prayer

KATIE’S STORY After a difficult labour resulting in an emergency C-Section I suffered from a severe disc prolapse in my spine caused by a problem in the SI joint in my pelvis. I was in constant pain for over a year, sitting or lying down made the pain worse so I spent as much time […]