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Guest Blog: Dylan Long- Revivalist, Reformer and super nice guy!

I have know Dylan for a long time and recently connected with him at Bethel, where he has been interning with Ben Fitzgerald. I love Dylan! He is the real deal and when he told me about his move to Europe ( a part of the world close to my heart), I had to get his story out. Would you consider sowing into his ministry and more importantly his life. This is a world changer. Give loads.

In his own words:

God is on the move in Europe.

I’ve known Julian since 2002 when I could barely walk. Lately he asked me to write a guest blog about what God is doing in Europe.

Christianity in Europe for many years has been marked with religion. It seems as if people all over Europe have been leaving the faith due to the religiosity that has been in the church in the last few decades BUT I have good news, Jesus is falling in Europe and religiosity is being replaced with an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Last year 27 000 Christians gathered at Awakening Europe in Nuremburg, Germany on the same field where 70 years earlier Hitler commissioned his youth armies to take over Europe. This was a different type of commissioning; it was one of love for the lost. This resulted in 4000 salvations and over 10 000 Christians going out on the streets of Nuremburg to preach the Gospel.

This next year we have two more Awakening Europe’s in planning, the first one being in Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden is the one of the most atheist nations in the world, with only 18% of people believing there is even a God. We are believing for a mighty move of God at this event and for the ripple effect to be huge. For more information visit: http://www.awakeningeurope.com

For the next year I will be traveling around Europe with Ben Fitzgerald (Director of Godfest and Awakening Europe). We will be equipping churches, setting up crusades and preaching the gospel on the streets wherever we go.

I want you to be apart of it!

If you would like to sow into what God is doing in my life and make it possible for me to do what God is calling me to do in Europe, please click on the link below and consider giving financially:


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