The Kiss of the Father (eBook) – Julian Adams


In The Kiss of the Father, author Julian Adams inspires us to develop a deep, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

He contends that at a very fundamental level, many Christians are confused about the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives:

Sometimes we focus on His power and forget that He’s a person
Some believers are wary of the supernatural for fear of falling into deception

In this ebook, Julian Adams shows that the Holy Spirit’s primary role in the believer’s life is to assure us of our identity in Christ, which is essential if we are to grasp our destiny in life. He also shows that a joyful, power-filled, blessed life is what each one of us can and should have in the Holy Spirit.



What others have said:

I just got done reading The Kiss of the Father, not knowing what to expect other than it was going to be good. What I found though was a guide book that points you right back into your true identity of sonship to our loving Father God. It is a very definitive book on relationship with God, helping to impart a true understanding of God’s very nature. Tackling supernatural themes through healthy teaching and personal experience, Julian has written a book that helps to refine and sometimes redefine your ability to relate to God. There are very few books that have this cutting edge connective language for believers. I highly recommend this beautifully written manual to help deepen your intimacy with God as you grow out of performance and into a loving life of fullness!

Shawn Bolz
Senior Pastor of Expression58 Church in Los Angeles,
Author of Keys to Heaven’s Economy & The Throne Room Company

We owe a debt of gratitude to the prophetic and timely words of Julian Adams, whose new book, “The Kiss Of The Father” invites us to be enriched, empowered, and energized by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We have been called into the fellowship of the Son of God, in other words, the same participation of union between the Father and the Son, is now ours by virtue of His finished work. That fellowship is impossible apart from the Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Godhead. The Father pours Himself continually into His Son, by the Spirit. The Son pours Himself continually into the Father by the Spirit. The Spirit, who now indwells us, takes us into that deep, abiding, and intimate communion that the Father and the Son share, and reveals to us things that eye hasn’t seen and ear hasn’t heard. If you are hungry for the Father’s kiss, then take time to partake of the rich insights Julian offers you in this powerful treatise on the work of the Holy Spirit in your life!

Dr. Mark Chironna
Church On The Living Edge
Mark Chironna Ministries
Orlando, Florida

This book by my friend Julian is a beautiful feast. You will enjoy being stirred toward grace, the supernatural, and a deeper relationship with each member of the Trinity. Filled with profound insights from heroes ranging from Bill Johnson to J.I. Packer to R.A.Torrey, readers from all backgrounds will enjoy this work; as well as learning from Julian’s own discoveries in his personal journey from Pastor’s son to internationally known Prophet. I encourage you to give this book your time.

Dr. Jonathan Welton
Best-Selling Author and President of Welton Academy

Julian Adams beautifully invites us in this book to KNOW Holy Spirit… not just know about Him but to truly KNOW HIM. You will be filled with hunger to grow in your relationship with God as you read and you will receive keys on how to posture yourself to receive the “Kiss of God”.

Patricia King
Founder of XP Ministries

I am so pleased that Julian Adams has written this book about our personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. Even within the charismatic church, it is possible for believers to experience the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit without an appreciation of the intimate nature of a relationship with the Holy Spirit as a Person. Julian’s book conveys a contemporary reminder of this ancient truth that many have enjoyed over the centuries. However, sadly, some Christians fall short in their experience even though they have received it as a doctrine. My heartfelt prayer is that all who read this book will enter into a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and by the Holy Spirit experience the love of the Father in a tangible way.

David Devnish
Catalyst Apostolic Leader and Author of Demolishing Strongholds


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