Get A Prophecy For Your Life

Getting a Personal prophetic word is easier than you think.

As a prophet, I find myself sometimes being chased down by people who are desperate for the next big prophecy for their life. But God’s heart for the prophetic was never meant to be about waiting for the next prophetic conference and hoping God will highlight us to the great prophet up on stage.

What if your next, life-changing prophetic word doesn’t come from someone else, but instead comes from your own quiet time, as you tune into His voice?

That’s what my latest FREE mini-course is about!

I put these four videos together to share my most practical tips for developing a prophetic lifestyle. The prophetic is a powerful tool in the life of the believer when we operate with a correct understanding of who God is. The words God speaks over us are meant to shape the way we view ourselves and propel us into our destinies!Here are a few of the topics I cover in the course:

+ Can anyone hear from God?

+ How to recognize God’s voice.

+ What if God’s not speaking?

+ How to use the prophetic in the real world.

This course is a great starting point for people who want to begin in the prophetic, but it’s not just for beginners! I’ve included some very practical homework in each lesson for those of you looking to refine the prophetic gift you already have!

The best part about this course is that it’s FREE! Go ahead and click the link below to sign up, and you’ll receive the first lesson in your inbox today!

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Julian is a Director at Frequentsee, and author of The Kiss of the Father. He is passionate about bringing people into an authentic encounter with the Holy Spirit. He resides in Durban, South Africa, with his wife, Katia, and two children.