The God Who Provides All

The story of Abraham reveals the heart of a God who provides the very sacrifice he requires. Listen as Julian takes you on a journey to discover how to walk through seasons of testing in order to step into a greater revelation of God's...

3 Ways to Create Family Wherever You Go

Nearly two years ago, I felt the Father inviting me into a new adventure. An adventure on the other side of the world. While I was excited about the opportunity, I was not looking forward to leaving my family. It felt like too big...

Tips for Prophetic Evangelism

Our friends Sean and Christa Smith have a heart to equip and empower God’s people to walk in a kingdom lifestyle and to take part in a mighty harvest. In this guest VLOG listen to them share some of their tips on prophetic evangelism.

Learn To Love Prayer

Does your prayer-life need a little bit of inspiration? Listen as Julian teaches through the Lord's Prayer in Matthew chapter 6, and invites us into a joy-filled prayer life.

Finding Joy In Generosity

I’ve been thinking about Kingdom generosity and abundance a lot in the last few days. I love the invitation in scripture to enter into cheerful giving – that means it is possible for generosity to be attached to a whole lot of fun and...

Seth Dahl – Can Children Prophesy

Is the prophetic exclusively for adults? Listen to our friend, Seth Dahl, share stories of how God is speaking to children, and explain how you can encourage yours to do the same.

What Is Kingdom Creativity

How can we use creativity to bring the culture of Heaven into our sphere of influence? Our friend Micah Yongo, author of the epic fantasy Lost Gods, uses storytelling to challenge the values and customs of the world, and invites people to imagine something...

Can Women Be Elders?

Does 1 Timothy 3 restrict women from leadership? In this teaching, Katia takes a look at what this passage means for Women in the church.

Women in Church Leadership: Understanding 1 Timothy 2

In this four-part teaching series, Katia explains the context of 1 Timothy 2, and tackles the controversial subject of women in church leadership.

My Journey In The Prophetic

I was born prematurely with Pierre Robin Syndrome – a cleft palate is one of its common characteristics – which severely impacted my speech. Added to this, for most of my childhood I had a sickly constitution. All of this affected me in social...