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What is Kingdom Government

Renaissance is a three-day equipping conference for pastors, leaders and influencers that want to partner with God to see His beauty released in their families, communities and cities hosted by Harvest Church Umhlanga and Frequentsee. Watch session 5 of the [...]

God’s Great Invitation

God's voice is always an invitation into greater things. In this talk, Jeshua shares how the inviting voice of God changed his life forever.

Let Love Be Your Experience

Ephesians 3 invites us to let love be our foundation, our comprehension and our experience. In this talk, Katia Adams and Kelly Notcutt share how they have experienced the love of God in their day-to-day lives, and encourage us to press into that very same love.

Fear vs. Faith

David lived a challenging life, but his moments of breakthrough were marked by his faith. Listen as Katia gives us keys to conquering fear and stepping into our own breakthrough. This teaching was originally recorded at Harvest Church in Durban, South Africa.

New Creation Has Begun

After the resurrection, Jesus chooses to reveal himself to Mary as a gardener. This is because he wants us to understand that we are now entering into the same ministry he has, which is bringing resurrection life to the world. This message is from Easter Sunday [...]

The Tipping Point Season

There is a shift coming to the body of Christ. In this talk, Julian shares a prophetic word for the Church, we are entering a "tipping point season".

Feasting At The Wedding

Throughout his life, Jesus displayed the extravagant love of God through signs and wonders. In this teaching, Julian reminds us how to keep God's love as our focus while pursuing revival.

Who Are You?

Everywhere Jesus went he was asked this one question, "Who are you?". In this teaching, Katia Adams helps us understand how to live like Jesus by leaning on Him in every moment. You were made to play in the impossible, and the impossible only happens when you lean [...]

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