Latest Teachings

The Greatest in the Kingdom

What kind of King do we follow? One who laid down his life for his people. In this teaching, Julian helps us understand how to reflect the Kingdom by serving those around us.

Leading from a Clean Heart

What strongholds are holding you back from your God-given call to lead? In this teaching Katia teaches us how liberating it can be to break those strongholds, because Kingdom breakthrough exists only in the realm of grace.

The King Who Calls Out Destiny

Jesus had a habit of creating leaders out of unlikely people, from unlikely places. Are there areas of destiny you haven't seen fulfilled because you don't feel qualified? In this sermon, Katia invites us to step into all that God has called us to...


Understanding who we are in Christ is vital to walking in authority and power. At the centre of our identity should be the Love of God. In this teaching, learn how to let God’s love shape your identity. This is a guest teaching from...

The King Who Opens The Heavens

Jesus came to reveal not an earthly kingdom, but a supernatural kingdom. In this teaching, Julian goes through Jesus' supernatural walk throughout the Gospel of Mark.

Freedom From Oppression

Because of the cross, every one of us has access to freedom from oppression. Julian shares keys to stepping into freedom in Christ. This sermon was recorded at Harvest Church. 

Free To Be You

Growing up in church can sometimes make it difficult to be your authentic self. In this talk, Jeshua Glanzmann shares his story of discovering authenticity in the midst of ministry. This talk was recorded at Harvest Church, in Durban, South Africa.

Life In Abundance

Our God is the God of excess. Abundant living is not simply an option for certain believers, it is an invitation for each one of us to display the lavish love of the Father to the world around us. In this teaching, Katia unpacks...

Honour, The Culture of Heaven

As believers, we have a call to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth by the way we treat one another. In this sermon recorded at Harvest Church, Julian teaches us how to discover the value and God-bearing nature of every person we meet.