The Difference between Prophets and Intercessors

Often it’s difficult to know the difference between a prophetic gift, and an intercessory gift. In this guest Vlog, Gary Morgan helps us identify which gift we are operating in.

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Gary Morgan

Gary Morgan along with his wife Sarah, is the founder/director of School of Prophets in Melbourne, Australia. His revelatory speaking & accurate prophetic ministry communicates straight to the heart with kindness, the intent and plans of Heaven for those receiving. Gary speaks strategically and directly into diverse areas of culture, bringing wisdom & confirmation to those who seek God’s counsel.

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  • Sukhvinder

    Really great Vlog and something I’ve never really thought about.
    I feel like I’m a mix and match between proclaiming (and seeing Gods plans) and interceding. Is it possible to have a mix and match. Is it a case of context?

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