Tips for Prophetic Evangelism

Our friends Sean and Christa Smith have a heart to equip and empower God’s people to walk in a kingdom lifestyle and to take part in a mighty harvest. In this guest VLOG listen to them share some of their tips on prophetic evangelism. For more about prophetic evangelism, buy Sean’s book Prophetic Evangelism. Or if you want to have a prophetic revelation of God’s purpose over the generation, consider purchasing Christa’s teaching Calling of the Generations.


– Transcript

Sean: Hey, I’m Sean Smith. And this is my wife, Christa.

Christa: Hi.

Sean: We’re here and we’re doing this for Julian and Katia and Frequentsee. And we super love them and their ministry. Prophetic evangelism is important because it is the spiritual technology of the future. Everyone is hungry for revelation, whether they’re down seeing a Hollywood Psychic in the states or Long Island Psychic. These are shows in the United States. But all over the world, there’s a hunger. I’ll give you an example of this.

One time, I was in Monterey, California, a very new-agey spot. I walked into a new age bookstore and got a chance to witness to a psychic. The Lord gave me three things to tell her, that I was her sign, that she had been in a bad experience with religion. She ended up moving in with an eastern guru that abused her. And third of all, if she would let go of tarot card reading, God will let her grab on to her true dream.

When I shared these three things with her, she began to weep. She began to cry. She said, “How did you know this?” Now had she said that, it would’ve ended. It would’ve been awesome. But right after that, she extends her hands. I grab hands. She gives her life to Christ, renounces Wiccan and divination, and walks out of the new age bookstore to never do it again. This is the power of prophetic evangelism that would not happen any other way apart from the sharing of the heart and the love of God. Prophetic evangelism puts you in contact with the love of God quicker than anything else.

Christa: We’re so passionate about people grabbing a hold of what it is to be a prophetic not only for yourself. Of course, that’s amazing, and inside the four walls of the church. We love that, too. We do lots of trainings and equippings for the church. But our real passion with the prophetic is to take outside the four walls into the world that God’s given you to influence in the every day of your life and actually bring the voice of God to people that are hurting, broken, lost, and searching.

When you bring a timely prophetic word that’s from the spirit of the Lord, rooted and grounded in His love and His purpose and you call it the destiny of God over people’s lives, in that moment where they’re searching, they’re looking, and they want answers but they don’t have them, you bring Jesus to people through the prophetic. It changes everything.

Sean just shared an incredible story about someone that was in a counter version. It was this life that wasn’t fulfilling. He brings the true word of the God. She was searching, of course. But here, she encountered Jesus, renounced that divination, and then walks in the true revelation of who Jesus is. That’s the purpose of the prophetic. When you grab a hold of that, that everything we do in the prophetic is to lead people to encounter Jesus to his feet with the intent of a deeper walk with him, maybe first-time salvation, it’s everything.

Sean: I would say some tips on prophetic evangelism. Number one, practice the discipline of awareness. Wherever you’re at in the marketplace, just look around your surroundings and begin a dialogue with Holy Spirit as to what he’s doing in people’s lives. The Holy Spirit is always moving. You don’t have to get him to move. You just have to catch on with His movement. And I believe it begins by first asking God to give you a heart for people. And then, when you’re in the marketplace, asking in that moment, “God, what are you doing in people’s lives?” That’s a couple of tips that I think about. How about you, Christa?

Christa: I love that. And for me, I know it’s something I had to practice. And I removed the need to be perfect or nail it every time. And one thing I taught my students when I was running schools of ministry was take the verbiage out is this weird to you or expect someone to feel weird. No one feels weird when they encounter the genuine love of Jesus. And so, I wanna encourage you. Practice. Take risks. Take your ego out of it, and recognize this is about Jesus and having people encounter Him. Their lives will be changed, but so will yours.

Sean: If you’re struggling to hear the voice of God, one of the quickest ways to open your ears is to ask God to give you something for someone else. And in that process, it opens up your ears. So here are some things that we’ve learned in prophetic evangelism. We just wanna bless you with that. Lord, anoint them greatly.

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Sean and Christa are the founders of Point Blank International Ministries, based in California. Together they endeavor to equip and empower God’s people to walk in a kingdom lifestyle and to take part in a mighty harvest. They are both internationally recognized authors and speakers.