How to Unlock Your Dreams and Destiny

God’s desire is to release destiny over His sons and daughters. In this teaching, Julian helps us unlock the prophetic in our lives, in order to fulfill the dreams our Father has put on our hearts. Subscribe to Frequentsee teachings on Apple Podcasts. Featured Photo:  Lucas Sankey

Why You Should Stop Offending People

Sometimes the Gospel is offensive, but it’s crucial that we don’t make it offensive simply for offense sake. I’ve discovered that it is wise to take people on a journey of discovering truth, and our language plays an important role in that journey. Want to...

The Difference between Prophets and Intercessors

Often it’s difficult to know the difference between a prophetic gift, and an intercessory gift. In this guest Vlog, Gary Morgan helps us identify which gift we are operating in. Want more from us? Subscribe to Frequentsee on Youtube.

Discernment vs. Suspicion

Are you operating in discernment, or are you just suspicious? Partnering with Heaven means seeing the gold in someone and calling it out. Instead of seeking out the bad, let’s be prophetic people who help each other find their God-given destiny. Music:

Why Leadership Should Not be the Aim of Our Christianity

Leadership is a powerful gift that is important in the body of Christ. However, I wonder if we've over-emphasised this gift at the expense of other important aspects of our character. Hear my thoughts on why I believe leadership should not be the aim...

God is Healing Skin Conditions

God is in the business of healing! Julian and I were recently comparing stories of some miracles that have broken out in our meetings, we noticed a trend in the miraculous healing of skin diseases. If you or someone you love has a skin...

Do I Preach Hyper-Grace?

Often I get accused of being a 'hyper-grace' preacher, and I am guilty as charged. But not for the reasons you think. Watch my latest Vlog and find out why I believe God's grace is outrageous and extravagant.

Judgement vs Warning

As a follow-up to last week's VLOG, Julian shares the difference between words of judgement and words of warning. 

Kingdom in the Classroom

We recently had the chance to get together with our good friend Ella to talk about Kingdom. As a high school teacher, she gets the opportunity to influence the lives of young children every day. Hear her explain why pursuing personal wholeness is important...

Should Prophets Give Words of Judgement?

Many of today's prophets feel the need to prophesy disaster as evidence of God's judgement of sin. People have often asked me why I don't give such words. Listen to my thoughts in my latest VLOG, and look out for our next video, which...