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Recently I was teaching on the principle of sowing and reaping. The Bible (and nature) is pretty clear on this – we reap what we sow. You reap in kind what you have sown. You can’t sow apple seeds and expect to reap oranges. You can’t sow unrest and expect to reap peace and unity. You can’t sow in honour and reap anything but honour. Both in the good and in the bad, you’re going to reap what you sow. Pretty simple.

Got me thinking – it must mean that God reaps what He sows. And that then must mean really good news for us, because He has sown supernatural seed in the hearts of His followers. Incredible miraculous, life-giving, identity-transforming, power-infusing seed! And He reaps what He sows. Which means what God has sown in your life, He will see through to fruition. There’s nothing that He’s planted in you which will be wasted or come to nothing – His seed in you is good, and His work in you is trustworthy.

As you go about your day today, know this: what He’s started, He’ll complete in you. You don’t have to try really hard to be good, you don’t have to strive to keep the rules, He’s not relying on your strength or ability to perform, He knows His seed is what has the power to yield the fruit in us. We just get the privilege of leaning on Holy Spirit who loves to lead us into all truth – into the experience of true reality. He has sown in us wonderful new creation seed. Watch how it bears good fruit in His hands.

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