Words Have Power

‘You reflect the reality you are most aware of’ Bill Johnson

Jesus ministered out of being aware of the unseen reality of his fathers world. If we can understand and learn to be aware of the co-existing reality of heaven, we will be able to shift the atmospheres around us. What heaven looks like is meant to be revealed here on earth.

Jesus comes with heavens culture and makes it known and felt as he ministers to the broken and the hurting. His whole message was that the kingdom was near. It is very important for us to understand how Jesus ministered if we want to see the same results. The whole point of Jesus ministry was to usher in a  new reality. A reality that released the very dynamic working of God’s power and Spirit. He was ushering in a new atmosphere, heaven’s atmosphere if you like.

Jesus primary way he released the kingdom was through the power of a declared kingdom word. You when Jesus proclaimed the gospel, he preached/ prophesied the good news, the  good news became an event to be entered into. In other words kingdom power was available in the word which was proclaimed. Gorege Eldon Ladd in his book, The presence of the future says this ‘The word which Jesus proclaimed itself brought to past that which it proclaimed: release for the captives, recovery for the blind and freeing of the oppressed’ he goes on to say, that the words of the kingdom, when it is preached, ‘creates the new era, and makes the signs of the kingdom possible’, also ‘the  kingdom exercises it’s power’. 

The argument Ladd puts forth is that Jesus spoke with authority (Exousia- delegated authority on behalf of his Father), that authority carried in the very words he proclaimed the presence of the new age of the Kingdom. Many people think that shifting spiritual atmospheres have to do with spiritual warfare and looking for the strong man, when actually it has to do with the proclaiming the kingdom.

‘And Jesus answered them, Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive their sight and the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up, and the poor have good news preached to them.’ Matthew 11:4-5

Jesus words are powerful and changes the very atmosphere as heaven is released.There are a few things I noticed about Jesus ministry. Firstly he understood his sonship. He knew that he was to partner with his father in all that he was doing. It was the source of his authority. Many people pursue the power of God and by pass this principle of authority.The word authority is different from the word power. Power is the word ‘dunamis’ which means miraculous or explosive power. Authority / exousia, which is sometime used as the word power, is different in that it is delegated influence. Power is the ability to act, whereas authority is the permission to act. Jesus always operated out his delegated authority to display his miraculous power.

Ministering simply out of power will leave you exhausted and dry. Ministering out of the delegated influence of heaven will change everything!

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