Work is Worship

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to till it and keep it” (Gen. 2:15).

This point might not be exciting for everyone—in fact, some may want to stone me—but your work is worship.

In the Garden of Eden, work was not toiling.  It wasn’t something you had to do to get something. Work was an expression of worship. There are two words used to describe our posture of work: to till is the word abad and to keep is the word shamar. Both words are also used to refer to worship, and to keep God’s law (for example, Psalm 2:112 Kings 23:3). We work in a garden, we worship in a temple.

It is in the first temple, Eden, where we learn that work is worship. Work is not a punishment. It is God’s idea. There was work to be done in beautiful Eden and, even when the Kingdom entirely comes and makes everything brand new, there will still be work to be done. Our work is not running after something or striving to achieve something. It has to happen from the place of worship, or loving who God is, and from the place of desiring to see His Kingdom come. Sadly many Christians despise their workplaces because they think that the real activity of the Kingdom is on a Sunday morning.

They think, “I need to get to the prayer meeting, instead of going to play golf, because a prayer meeting is more important than my influence on the golf course with some people who don’t know Jesus yet.”

We have to shift the way we think, because life is not lived only on a Sunday morning. God’s intention in the garden of Eden was not to have one “holy day”, because all of lifewas holy. If we are to impact the world, we have to move away from an expression of life that values gatherings and Church meetings above His Kingdom of love being expressed wherever we go.

I love the Church. I’m on Church leadership and serve in the local Church because I believe that the Church is the most beautiful thing on planet Earth. But she isn’t there to gather to herself. The church is to leave the building and to establish culture wherever she goes.

This is our work. This is our worship, because everything we do unto the Lord is worship.

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Julian is a Director at Frequentsee, and author of The Kiss of the Father. He is passionate about bringing people into an authentic encounter with the Holy Spirit. He resides in Durban, South Africa, with his wife, Katia, and two children.